So, I can now report that it is exactly 7.02 miles from my front door to the entrance of the new NCRC facility.  Well… actually, it’s 7.02 miles from my door to the Kroger across the street (I grabbed some potassium-rich watermelon to aid in the post-walk rehydration) and then back to the NCRC.  The walk was about two miles longer than I expected, but it is what it is.

The walk, however, really highlighted the flaws in my ensemble.  First, I didn’t realize how warm it was going to be, so that pair of shorts in the image above was really a pair of jeans.  Hot, heavy jeans.  Second, while layers are great in the winter they are not so fun once the snow melts.  I’m pretty much done with layers once the weather hits 39°F (God bless the blubber).  So why the layers?  Well, it’s simple really.  No one makes athletic clothing to fit the fat man.  This is bordering on TMI, but if I wear standard undergarments when hiking more than 2 miles, there is a chafing issue… in the thighs.  My only solution was to remove the chamois from some old pairs of bike shorts and use them… but they have a tendency to roll down as you walk (because of the fatness and all) which necessitated a pair of suspenders to hold them up.  However, the clips on the suspenders dig holes in your back and belly as you walk, so I have to wear a shirt under the suspenders tucked into my liner to act as a barrier.  This look incredibly stupid, so another shirt is required over the suspenders.  The outer shorts/trousers are, of course, to save the world from the site of my ass in skin-tight pants.  It’s one thing on a bike where it’s expected and the chamois manages to camouflage things a bit, but it is quite another to see such things unadultered and unedited strolling down the street in front of you.

The ensemble sucks, but it works.

However, it was too farkin’ hot for all those layers today on the way home from work, so since my waistline has been reducing semi-rapidly, I opted to leave the suspenders and shirt number two at the lab.  I figured the worst that could happen is that I would spend the entire trip home pulling up my liner in front of God and country.

I didn’t need to do any such thing!  The belly has reduced to the point where the shorts fit properly (ish), and I need not resort to drastic methods of suspension.  Just in time, I say.

So, on that happy note, let’s run the numbers!

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Smoothie – 350 calories
  • Post-walk snack – Watermelon – 165 calories
  • Lunch – roast chicken, salad, mixed veggies and one bite of stuffing – 750 calories
  • Dinner – French Bread Pizza (single), apple slices and two olives – 560 calories
  • Cartooning Snack – two windmill cookies – 140 calories

1965 calories total!  That’s right on target, and I’ll call it good.  The watermelon was really, really good as I cooled down before going in the lab.  Lunch was tasty.  I just used a couple drops of vinegar on the salad.


Heart Rate vs Elevation chart for today's walk.

12.4 sweaty miles today folks!

Well, as I mentioned above, it’s 7 miles to work which means it’s 7 miles back… or it would be, but with the sun up, I’m able to cut through the woods on the way home which shaved a bit.  Lots of mud though, so I’ll have to remember not to go that way during or after the rain.  In any case, the final tally was 12.4 miles for the day.  The eagle-eyed amongst you will be able to pick out the 8 peaks which indicate my periods of running as specified in the C25k program (yes, I’m using an app for that).

So, what does 12.4 miles buy me?  Well, according to the Garmin, I burned 3,063 calories.  So for the day, that is 1965 calories intake minus 3,063 calories burned which yields a net result of -1098 calories for the day.  That’s a seriously negative number and is a fabulous result… though I’m awful glad I won’t be running or walking tomorrow.  My feets is sore!