So, by now you’ve all heard about the goings on in Boston.

I couldn’t watch the news anymore, but I couldn’t get it out of my head either, so let’s chalk this up to therapeutic drawing…

There’s not a lot to be said at this point.  The only thing we really know is that it was definitely a bombing, but there is zero indication of who.  Domestic terror?  International?  Wack-a-doodle?  Don’t know.

I guess the only thing to say is that our thoughts and prayers are going out to those in Boston and those affected by the ripples of today’s events.  We’ll have to wait for answers.  Until then, life goes on.  The sun comes up tomorrow as it always does.   In the morning, I, like so many others around the world, will pull on my running shoes and start chasing life down that painted strip…  It will hurt; my lungs will burn; and my legs will complain, and I’ll be happy to be out there.

In the end, what else is there?