So much for the plateau… figures that it would break after a holiday weekend of… well… there was chocolate!

It was funny, I knew I’d be in the car all weekend, so I prepped to go for a run before climbing into the car Saturday morning.  However, once I crawled out of bed, dressed and stepped outside… well, it was 22°F!!!  Forget that!  If I have to wear a coat, I really don’t want to run.  Rather than just miss the workout, though, I hopped in the car and headed to the gym.


I considered it a victory just getting into the car, but I actually had a good workout.  As you can see from the treadmill section, I pushed a higher speed for longer durations and finally got the ol’ heart rate above 160.  I pushed pretty hard though, so my performance ended up lagging a bit on the bike.  Not bad, but I was fully drained at that point.  After that, of course, Easter weekend and family!!!  Did you guys do anything fun?