So, I did not go to the gym yesterday.  I had certainly planned on going, but 5 am came along… and apparently moved quietly by… not that I use an alarm clock, usually I just tell myself when to get up when I lay down, but the internal alarm failed…

Of course, it’s not as simple as that.  I kept waking up about every 20 minutes that night… it wasn’t until about 3am that I was aware enough to realize why… a smoke detector was emitting a short burst of 5 beeps… about every 10 minutes.  So, I headed out of bed to find the culprit, but we have 5 detectors here, so it wasn’t until about 3:25 that I found the culprit, determined it was a batter failure and shut the thing up.

This is actually another argument in favor of Planet Fitness as opposed to my current gym (the central campus student fitness facility).  At 3:25, I was wide awake, and felt fine.  PF is 24 hours, and I could have just gone and had my workout, and gotten on with my day (one assumes with a nap in there somewhere).  As the CCRB doesn’t open until 6 am, however, I opted to go lay back down… rolled around until about 4:30, and then Laurie shook me awake at 7:40, so that was that.

Now, I could have had my workout in the afternoon, but I really don’t like going to the CCRB past say, 8 in the morning.  Not because it’s somewhat disheartening being the old fat guy in a sea of the uber-fit (it is), but rather, I have no tolerance for standing around waiting for machines.  That place is thick in the afternoon.  You are either waiting for a machine, or you’re using a machine with some olympic wannabe standing there next to it trying to will you off of the bloody thing.  I pass.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Brown Cow yogurt – 150 calories
  • Post-workout snack – 1 medium banana – 100 calories
  • Lunch – MHealthy Tuna and apple lavash – 360 calories
  • Afternoon snack – smoked salmon – 150 calories
  • Afternoon snack – Peanut butter crackers – 130 calories
  • Dinner – Sauteed cod with sugar snap peas and mac and cheese – 700 calories
  • Evening Treat – Chocolate Long John (Laurie brought it) – 370 calories

So even with the donut, that’s 1960 calories for the day which is nicely within my 2000.  Huzzah.  Very peckish today for some reason, but good choices (except the donut).  Weird about the fish though… I certainly didn’t expect to have three portions of fish today.

That MHealthy sandwich… I could have done without.  Normally the MHealthy sammiches are quite good, but this one went another way… ick… strong tuna with an apple slice on a green lavash… dry, fishy and ick…



I said I didn’t exercise yesterday.  Today I got my butt out of bed.  I only had four hours of sleep, but felt good running the intervals.  Pushed a bit harder and faster than last time.  Sadly 3 of the 4 treadmills with the bed-sized belt were broken, so I ended up on a Lifestyle unit which tried to kill me three times.  The first two were from stepping off of the belt (it’s off center, so you have to consciously try to run to one side of the unit).  The third time was when the darn thing rebooted on me.  Rebooted means the console blanks, the belt stops dead and then it boots back up.  Fun!

I did have a nice chat with the equipment lady afterwards about how to run without screwing up one’s knees.  (I know, I know, but tearing things when you slam into a pothole doesn’t count…)

Good workout, but now… bed!