So I finally found my strap… it was about five feet away from my desk in a place which, now at least, seems obvious… what are you going to do?

…keep my work area a bit cleaner, I suppose.

Anyways… no I didn’t forget to update the ticker… just a bit stuck.

…but I have my strap now, so I’ve got my motivational tool, so I’m sure I’ll break through this lickety-split!

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Archer Farms Blueberry Granola and Flax cereal with skim milk – 290 calories
  • After workout snack – a banana – 100 calories
  • Lunch – MHealthy Turkey sandwich on whole grain plus veggies with a bit of hummus – 550 calories
  • Afternoon snack – Peanut butter crackers – 130 calories
  • Dinner – Qdoba burrito on whole wheat – 645 calories

1715 calories total which is pretty good.  I feel like I would eat a cow if it happened to stroll by (always a sign of a good workout), but this ain’t cattle country, so I’ll probably be fine.  The cereal was problematic.  It was very delicious, and had a goodly helping of whole grains and flax seeds (though only 1 blueberry), but waaaaaaay too much sugar.  It was just a single-serving sampler, though, so while tasty, I will not be buying a box.



See?!?  I told you I found my strap!  I don’t know what it is about me and numbers, but just having that thing showing me my heart rate constantly really seemed to make me intensify my workout.  I was awash with the noble sweat.  I did end up switch treadmills to another brand where the belt size matched the bed so as to prevent any injury.  The bike hill climb was good… took me a bit to find a working bike, though… I don’t know what the deal is with gyms and fitness centers, but man, everything can be working, but when you get to the bike, you can count on the resistance unit being shot… tres annoying… I almost had to switch to an elliptical, and no one wants that!!!

So, it’s nice to be using the monitor again, but being GPS-based, it does not, of course, provide any calorie info unless it records you actually… you know… moving.  So, just heart rate for now, but soon it’ll be time to run and bike to work (waiting for it to stay above freezing), and then we’ll have that info too…

Please Help!!!!

I am trying to win a new sewing machine (a sweet Viking Rose 250C).  The contest is on facebook.  If you have an account could you please (please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please) pop over there and vote for my project?!?   Thanks, and please feel free to tell your friends!