So yeah… pretty much every muscle from my nipples down is hard as a rock and oh-so-very sore!  Don’t get me wrong… sore in a good way… in a righteous, “yeah… I did that” sort of way… but maybe, just maybe some training before hand is advisable.


That said, the Shamrock and Shenanigans 5k is a blast!  I really should have wore my kilt, but it didn’t occur to me until I was already there… the sporran would have probably caused bruising, in any case!  There was a surprisingly big crowd for a March run… Just over two thousand, in fact… even with the whole DST issue… beautiful day for a run too…


A View from the Back of the Pack

[Editor’s Note: Sorry to drop a Saggy on that poor lady, but it was a very clear picture of her face, and I don’t really know whether she wants to appear on a site called Saggy Man Breasts!]

In any case, it was a challenging day.  I was seriously re-thinking my decision to run by about mile #2, but I soldiered on… oh so slowly… under an hour though, so good enough for our purposes.  Proof of principle that I *can* in fact still run.  I’m going to manage the training differently this year, though.  Alternating running to work with with riding to work/hitting the gym.  Not today though… way too sore.  The goal is to be less focused on one exercise/movement and try to avoid the DL list by this fall.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Stonyfield Chocolate Underground yogurt and a cutie
  • Lunch – Black Bean burger with a pinapple slice, onions, mustard, ketchup and green olives with a side salad
  • Dinner – 1 stuffed pork chop with a green salad

No calorie count as I forgot to look for nutritional information at Bagger Dave’s where the burger was concerned.  It was a birthday outing in the lab today.  When Sean chose Bagger Dave’s, I opted to avoid the meat patty and fries.  When they all went for dessert, I gave that a miss as well (even though there were Peanut Butter Shakes!!!!!).  I was actually very surprised with the bean patty.  They can be iffy at times, but it was delightful.  Two thumbs up.

Okay… well, I’m off to bed.  See you all tomorrow.