Just hit publish without posting anything.  Oops.  Please hold whilst I edit.

Okay… so I was looking for a solution for the stone legs I’ve been enjoying when I sit at the desk at work too long… it’s been like that since the knee injury, and the only way to dispel it is to hobble around for a minute or two.  I was looking at various fitness equipment (okay… shopping for guilt-free toys) when I was surprised to  find a body ball that could stand up to my bulk.  I thought if I tried using the ball as a chair, I’d be forced to keep moving which could solve the rock issue.  I popped onto G+ to ask if anyone thought that was a terrible idea, and no one did, so order placed, ball delivered and off to work!

It came with this little foot pump to fill the 75cm ball, but nuts to that!  I have 100psi house air in the lab, so I hooked the pump hose up to one of the barbed valves and filled that sucker up in no time… It’s really big.

I put it in front of the desk, and it was a much easier adjustment than I thought it would be… came pretty natural.  I still have skills to develop, though… once I’m sat down, scootching under the desk can be tricky… same with spinning about to answer the door when someone comes by the office… but I will get the hang of it.

It actually works phenomenally regarding the rock legs, but really… it is impossible to not sit there and bounce while you are working… bounce, bounce, bounce… it’s kinda fun!

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Egg McMuffin – a300 calories (just a treat)
  • Lunch – Sushi – 500 calories
  • Dinner – 1 slice pizza and a salad – 800 calories

1600 calories total.  Nothing much to mention.  It was food.  Meh.


20 minutes calesthenics and 30 minutes on the bike… and a few blocks running… it was raining like  a huckabuck, but mostly I wanted to test the knee… it wasn’t bad… there is hope.