See what I did there?!?  I took the rather down focus of the ongoing narrative and turned it upside down in an impromptu VDay card to you all.

Why a mid-day update, I hear you ask?  Well, while I absolutely had the good sense to arrange a few days ago to have flowers delivered to Laurie at work (no worries, she doesn’t read my comics), I had planned on having dinner at home.  However, she has been texting me all day with less-than-subtle hints that she wants to go out, so I don’t believe I will be home this evening.  Oh well, her loss, I was going to make Lobster Mac’n’cheese.  So I now officially have no idea what I will be eating this evening, but I will follow a Do-No-Harm philisophy.

For breakfast, I had a lovely green smoothie, and a simple sammich for lunch, so I’m running about 750 calories for the day.  Gives me plenty of maneuvering room for this evening.

In any case, I hope you all have a lovely evening and see you tomorrow…