B-A-N     B-A-N-AN-A-S

B-A-N     B-A-N-AN-A-S

You can laugh, but acquiring bananas was harder than you might think.  Not only did I have to contend with my seemingly endless ability to walk into the store to buy bananas and walk out having purchased anything *but* bananas, we had a little incident here last week.  You see the roads in the greater Ann Arbor area were a bit… wintery.  There was an accident up on 23, and as it happens a semi jack-knifed on the road and flipped over.  The trailer ruptured and spilled its cargo, apparently EVERY banana meant for southeast Michigan, across the highway.  That was tragic in and of itself, but imagine driving your car into an ice patch covered with banana peels!!!!!!  Carnage, plain and simple.

I apologize for the lack of update yesterday, but long time readers of this site will recall that it’s about this time of year that my ability to get a somewhat luxurious 4-6 hours of sleep is suddenly reduced to a pitiful 2 or 3.  Actually this is a little early… usually it’s not until March that I experience the Unbearable Lackness of Sleeping, but what you gonna do?  (Hint: Not Sleep.)  Even with the comic drawn, I was too friggin’ tired to even get up the urge to post an update.  On the plus side, you get this spur of the moment, Zelda-inspired comic which makes me smile inside… then again, I’m VERY tired…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – A smoothie, what else?!? – 250 calories
  • Lunch – Grilled chicken salad – 400 calories
  • Dinner – Roast chicken, rice, tomato slices – 800 calories

1450 calories… too tired to think about eating anything else.


A very uninspired 30 minutes on the bike… tired… Not too worry, I’ll adapt to the 2-3 hour sleep schedule soon enough.  I’ll be vaguely delirious and slightly surly, but functional…

<<— New ticker… movement in the right direction.