So, what happens if you injure yourself, stop exercising, stop eating properly and go on a steady stream of OTC analgesics?  What if you do it for six months straight?!?  Behold the ticker for the sad answer.

The sad part, of course, being that it didn’t have to be that way, but… all or nothing…


Let’s say it together folks…

All or Nothing = Nothing.

So, I could wallow about this, or just happily realize that I’m still less than I was, and that I’m back in the saddle… and that the PT has put me in a position where I no longer rely on a constant stream of ibuprofen and/or naprox… so I’ll do that.  Feel free to mock me regarding the set back though.

I actually didn’t even want to get on the scale, as I new I’d packed on a few, but in a rare moment of maturity, I realized without any way to quantitate progress, I would just end up getting discouraged.  I then considered not posting the results but… no.  It’s a setback not a failure.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Egg McMuffin with a spoon of olive Bruschetta – 325 calories
  • Lunch – Zoup White Chicken Chili plus half greek salad – 300 calories
  • Afternoon snack – whole wheat crackers and peanut butter – 210 calories
  • Dinner – Chuck roast, potatoes and corn – 1000 calories

1835 calories total.  For the record, I did NOT buy an egg mcmuff.  Laurie brought it for me… a “healthy” treat as it were.  They’d be better without the cheese and on a whole grain muffin, but I appreciate the thought, so I ate it.

So, Since SMB is (now) a Mon-Thur comic, I will see you all on Monday.  As is tradition, weigh-in will be Tuesday morning.  Let’s see if we can fix that ticker again…