So, the only way to avoid repeating mistakes is to understand them, right?  That’s true enough, but I’m not going to dwell on the major mistake (the all or nothing thinking) as it’s fairly obvious, and I mentioned it last time.  Instead, I’m just going to highlight a few events, their accompanying destructive thought patterns, and the amusing pokes that got my head back on straight.  So bare with me the next few days as we explore what comes dangerously close to a bit of continuity in this strip.

Interestingly, I had meant to get up at 5am this morning in order to have time to work out, and still make it to campus in time to park at a lot close to the Cancer Center, and get to PT.  However, I stayed up late last night watching the dull bowl and the disappointing commercials (though the miracle stain was funny), so I overslept.  I woke up at 7am which is still plenty of time to work out, park in the far lot and get to PT, but I had diverged from my plan.

All or nothing, right?

So I went back to bed to catch another hour’s sleep.  When I got up, I wanted a McBreakfast… don’t know why.  Sausage, eggs… bacon… ooooooh the steak bagel, it all sounded so good, and I’d missed my work out time, so what is one more day of off-plan eating… I could try again tomorrow, right?!

One more day is one more day of disappointing myself and feeling like I will never win.  One more day is one more adventure passed because I’m too fat to participate.  One more day is… forever…

Well, not really, that’s just all-or-nothing thinking in the other direction, but one more d(el)ay wasn’t going to get me anywhere, so I cleared McMuffin-y thoughts from my brain, took my vitamins and grabbed a yogurt.  Day one, and already a victory under my belt.  Huzzah!

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Brown Cow – Cream Top Chocolate Yogurt – 190 calories
  • Lunch – BEnergy Wafer protein bar (Peanut Butter) – 200 calories
  • Afternoon Snack – Sunflower Pate – 200 calories
  • Dinner – Costco stuffed salmon, Broccoli and green salad – 1000 calories
  • Evening Snack – 1 Dark chocolate-covered caramel – 85 calories

1675 calories total.  I don’t usually consider protein bars food, but we were in Trader Joe’s yesterday, and while I was waiting for Laurie to peruse the frozen foods, I found myself standing next to the bars, and the wafer-cookie-esque nature of the bar intrigued me.  The pate was unplanned… I had been planning on oatmeal, but Karen brought some in as she’d gotten the recipe from the Clean diet or clean plate diet or something, and wanted me to try it.  It was good.

According to the internet, the salmon was only 510 calories, but my math says 800, so I’m going with that figure.  The caramel was good.


PT in the morning, and 30 minutes on the bike plus about 20 minutes of calisthenics.  Oddly the most painful part for the knee was holding the knees bent during the crunches.  Weird, huh?