So… sorry about the delay… this weekend was another travel weekend, and I find that I am incapable of producing comics on the road.  That is a flaw, but there you have it.

We’re going to change the way we do things around here starting tonight.  As you know, I’ve been posting about the previous day’s performance which is fine, but has two problems.  First, by the time I post the comic, I’m more excited about today’s issues than yesterday’s.  Therefore, the posts always get truncated as I try and remember what went on yesterday.  Second, I tend to do very poorly as far as food prep goes, unless I really think about what I am doing right before going to bed.  Forcing a “day’s review” right before bedtime via this update will, hopefully, fix that.

So… stretching.  As you know, my initial experience running met with… limited success.  Afterwards, my legs were locked up! Since they were still boards two days afterwards, I talked to a friend of mine who runs, and she explained the concept of stretching…

…and stretching is magic!  She asked where I was feeling the pain, and showed me appropriate post-run stretches, and I spent a good 30 minutes going through the moves.  The next day, the pain was completely gone.  Had she not banned me from running/hiking until Wednesday, I would have hit the road again.  She however pointed out that I was a big stupid head and should listen to those with experience… so there you go.

Menus for the last few days were… troubled.  Friday and Monday were fine… well within my limits and smart choices.  Saturday and Sunday were exercises in bad habits.  Poor choices, large portions and nom nom nom.  I used the holiday as an excuse, and just dove right in.  Interestingly, I did learn that I really don’t enjoy that overfull, bloated feeling.  It’s unpleasant.  So, I stumbled, but am back on the horse.  I did manage to lose a pound this week as the ticker shows, but it could have a been a much better week.

Goal wise, the week was hit and miss.  I bought my fiber bars, but haven’t actually tried any yet.  I bought the food for my vegetarian day, but haven’t actually prepped it yet… and exercise… well…

But on the subject of exercise, a couple of friends got the idea of using the Chore Wars website for a little friendly competition in tracking our exercise.  The “adventures” are, of course, fitness related rather than chore related.  It’s amusing and may provide that little extra bit of motivation we all need from time to time.  Feel free to follow the link and join up if you are so inclined.

Now, as per today, let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Leftover Veggie Delight from Subway and Apple parfait – 360 calories
  • Lunch – Tuna sandwich on bagel with mustard and pickled veggies – 360 calories
  • Snack – Raisins and 18 Kashi Cheese Crackers – 230 calories
  • Dinner – BD’s Mongolian Grill – 800 calories

1750 calories total.

Okay… label annoyance of the day.  If a serving size is 1 oz, and the tin is 2.5 ounces, then the can does not contain 2 servings.  It contains 2.5!  Don’t say that it is 2 when it isn’t!!!  Still tasty though…

The Veggie delight was the 6″ leftover from the Sub I had purchased the day before.  I figured that, for the most part, I couldn’t really taste the cold cuts on a Subway sub once I’d loaded them with veggies, so I may as well save the calories and just get the veggiewich.  I was, of course, correct.  I may as well have been eating the roast beef for all the difference I could tell in taste.  It’s certainly no seafood and crab (YUM!!!), but it will do.

No excuse for the raisins… I’m not normally a fan, but sometimes, you just got to have them.  At 90 cals a serving, they are a good healthy snack.  I coupled them with the crackers for the crunch and to counterbalance the sweetness.  It vas gut.

Laurie had wanted to go to BD’s for dinner, so I hit the website first to do some research.  I got a good idea what the calorie count would be, and split my serving of meat between two bowls full of veggies.  I have been feeling belly-burning ravenous today and knew that the first bowl would disappear quickly.  As my wife and daughter are both slooooooow eaters, I figured I’d be scratching my face waiting for them to finish.  So since, by splitting the meat, I was able to sample two separate preps with only extra veggies providing additional calories.  I did up the estimate by about 20% as I didn’t have a scale with me to measure things, and you have to leave room for error.

That still leaves me low on calories, but the belly full of veggies is keeping me pleasantly sated.


I dug out the weight machine from the clutter and did 35 minutes of upper body work (10 minutes light, 10 intense, 10 moderate and 5 cool down).  Covered the Tris and Bis, shoulders, back and abs.  It felt good to be using the weights again.  In each case, I started with an easy weight and did sets of 10 reps (with increasing resistance each time) until breakdown.  I did my wrist curls during the cool down as they tend to be much less stress inducing.

This was not an aerobic activity, so I have no idea how many calories were burned, but since I tend to focus so much on my lower body with my activities, squeezing in some upper body workouts is a good thing.