Okay, after missing dinner Wednesday night, my first concern was that I would wake up hungry, would spend the day hungry and would, eventually, eat my classmates in a fit of gluttonous rage…

As it happens, I felt pretty good.  Class went fine, and afterwards we headed to Old Town Auburn for a private tour of the Gold Country Museum and to “pan for gold” in the demonstration river.  A fine time was had, and then we headed for dinner at the Auburn Brewery Restaurant (which is kind of a central location in the film Phenomenon).

I was definitely having blood sugar issues at that point (that special jittery/loopy feeling that all hypos know before their blood sugar tanks completely and that special unconscious feeling comes rushing in), but not overly ravenous.

The menu proved problematic as there was really only one diet-friendly option, and it came with sides I wouldn’t eat, so I figured my salvation came in portion control.  I would simply order something I would enjoy and eat only an appropriate amount.  There is, of course, the worry that I would simply eat everything put in front of me, but I figured I could manage the self-restraint.

I needn’t have worried, actually.

I ordered the fried chicken… and what I got was fried chicken… at least technically, but the imagined portions were not as expected.  I got two pieces which were the upper quarter (maybe) of a split breast.  Just a little 2-3 bite piece, a small portion of mashed potatoes with “gravy” and two sprigs of broccolini.

Now, I’ll say up front that this is probably a fully appropriate portion, but if I had paid for the dinner, I’d have been a bit peeved.  As it was, I tallied the calories, added an ‘X’ factor for unknown ingredients and realized I had room to spare, so I enjoyed the dinner…

…mostly, the fried chicken had a bit of a pine tree taste and was WAAAAAAYYYY overdone, but otherwise fine… and, of course, I luvs me some broccolini, so that was nice.

Dessert was offered and the Red Velvet cake and Cheesecake were mighty tempting, but I opted to pass and downed another glass of water instead (Christ, I drink a lot of water these days).

I’m actually glad I passed on the red velvet as Rebecca ordered it, and it was way too fluorescent in its red, and it didn’t have icing on it… frickin’ sacrilege!

Anyway, for those interested, let’s run the numbers:

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – granola and banana – 250 calories
  • Morning snack – almonds – 100 calories
  • Lunch – Chevy’s catered fajita makings – 500 calories
  • Afternoon snack – Sun Chips (in not particularly noisy bag ) – 140 calories
  • Dinner – Tiny Food – 700 calories

1690 calories total.  Low but not bad.  With the tortillas I had one small (3-4 inch tortilla) and the side, and just had a plate of fixings.  I wanted to go back for seconds, so I bypassed the meat, and just had a few more grilled veggies.  Twas good.

As per exercise, we did a lot of walking, and I played a card game.  Now, I know you’re thinking that card games are not exercise, but they are the way we played them.  We were playing spoons, but we didn’t have any spoons, so we were playing with plastic knives.

Now, a good game of spoons involves some rather aggressive cutlery diving for starters, but switch out the spoons with knives and it becomes really, really important to get in there, grab the knife and get back out before anyone else can lay a hand on it, or else there will be a bodily epic bodily struggle and probably a fair amount of bleeding.  Go figure.  I can honestly say that we all felt like we’d had a good workout every time we finished a game.

You really have to picture me lunging across the (thankfully sturdily built) coffee table to snatch the knife from a player to get the full effect.  Full on aerobic workout and so much laughter!