So as I mentioned previously, my plan was to walk in to work, and I woke up refreshed as the the dawn broke… pink.  Seriously, everything was pink… deep pink… did-I-wake-up-on-Mars pink!

That probably should have been some sort of clue.

None-the-less, I dudded up and headed out the door… to a very, VERY loud crack of thunder.  Odd, I thought, but undaunted I went inside and grabbed a little poncho-in-a-pack that happens to fit in my pocket.  It was at this point that I bumped into the Misses.

You’re not walking to work are you?

Yes, after being ill, I could use the work out

Did you not hear the thunder?!?

Yes… but it’s not raining, and I have my poncho…

You’re an idiot.

That probably should have been my second clue…

I was about 5 minutes into the walk when it began to rain and about 7 minutes once all hell done broke loose!

I will admit that some of this is probably a reaction to having been struck by lightning on a previous occasion, but once the lightning and thunder started crashing all around me simultaneously (minus that comforting pause as you wait for the sound of the thunder to catch up to the flash of light), I started to get a wee bit nervous.

It took all of 30 seconds at this point for my shoes and socks to be soaked completely through, and I’m pretty sure that I was ducking every time the lightning would flash.  Laurie called me several times from the car to try and pick me up, but the storm was so bad, the signal was just swallowed up in the static.  Nervous… yeah… that was me.

She did eventually, get a hold of me, and I was able to shout my location.  Of course, by the time she picked me up, the storm had mostly passed, and half a mile later, she booted me out of the car because even the rain had stopped.  Go figure.  Fun walk.  Maybe I’ll make a smarter choice next time…

Let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Granola and banana – 270 calories
  • Lunch – Big Turkey sammich – 390 calories
  • Afternoon snack 1 – grapes – 140 calories
  • Afternoon snack 3 – Kashi TLC Cheese Crackers – 130 calories
  • Afternoon snack 2 – Spit-take of a Zone Bar and two pickles – 70 calories
  • Dinner – Pork loin, potatoes and broccoli – 800 calories

1800 calories total.  Kind of a grazing day… nothing overly satisfying to eat until dinner.  The Zone Bar was an attempt to ward off the gnawing hunger, but one bite was enough to convince me to look elsewhere.  It was spit out.  The pickles were to kill the taste.  Dark Chocolate, indeed.  Blech!

The loin was good though.  Just did some Monterey seasoning and popped it in the oven at 475°F for 30 minutes and then kicked the temp down to 425 until it reached an internal temp of 155.  The 20 minute rest while I prepped everything else brought the internal temp up the rest of the way.  Gave it a nice crust on the outside and soft on the inside.  Yumm!