I actually *do* know what the calorie counts are because I *did* weigh things, but it is *possible* that there might have been some rapid pan deconstruction and de-mixing a few moments into the prep process.  It’s really important to remember to weigh first…

Regardless, brief doctor visit, anti-nauseal and feeling better.  I assume it will last.  If not, I’m instructed to go 24 hours on a fluid only diet, and then ease back in the next day on boring and bland.  If it still continues, antibiotics to deal with bacterium in the belly.

So, we have a plan.

I’ll be back to work tomorrow, so that will be a good thing as well.  I’ve got a LOT to take care of prepping for a new machine coming next week.  I’m planning to walk in the morning which means that I need to head to bed soon, so let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – granola, apple and yogurt – 300 calories
  • Lunch – gizzard soup – 500 calories
  • Afternoon snack – 1 tsp Planters crunchy peanut butter – 30 calories
  • Dinner – Brisket hash and watermelon – 800 calories
  • Evening snack – Fudgicle – 100 calories

1730 calories total.

Okay… a few explanations are probably necessary here.  Let’s start with lunch.  Gizzard soup, right?  Well, I’ve covered my love of gizzards before, but you can’t really flour and deep fry them and still take advantage of their lo-cal essence.  You can, however, saute them in a bit of chicken broth with some veggies (onions, peppers and chiles) and just a wee bit of corn starch and make something odd and yet strangely tasty.

The afternoon snack… wasn’t really a snack.  I just bought a jar of that new Planters peanut butter (crunchy) and wanted to taste it.  So, I had a wee tiny bit… about half a teaspoon… it was good.  It tasted exactly like… peanuts.  Not sweetened peanuts (which works great for Peter Pan), but like a mouthful of peanuts.  I’ll have to compare calorie and protein numbers to see if it’s a decent butter nutritionally (it’s not a natural which has the advantage of letting you poor off the oil), but it is tasty.

Dinner.  A simple hash.  Leftover brisket chopped up and and grilled with a bit of olive oil, potatoes, onions, green peppers and thai chile peppers.  Two poached eggs on top.  Very tasty.  The watermelon was just a dessert indulgence… with a bit of Kosher salt.

So, a good day.  Easy.  I’m thinking I’ll slice up a loin and do chops with salad and a bit of starch tomorrow night.  Sandwich bits at work for lunch.  Night.