Well, today was the free eating day.  How did it go?  Well, let me put it to you this way… the girls wanted to go to a chinese buffet for lunch, and when we were done, I had to stop at home to change my shirt!

Okay… just kidding… not about the shirt thing… I actually had to do that, but not because I had eaten too much or eaten like a tasmanian devil.  I simply lost a piece of chinese broccoli off the end of my fork and it went splashy splashy in the soy sauce.  It was like my second bite, and I was splattered.


So as it’s a free day, there’s no numbers to run, but let’s take a look at what I did decide to eat.

Breakfast – Two Enteman’s Chocolate-covered yellow donuts with a schmear of peanut butter.  The peanut butter not only makes the donuts slower to digest and adds a bit of protein, but have you ever added a bit of PB to an Enteman’s donut?!?  Why the heck not?  Yum.  In any case, definitely a treat breakfast, but not to bad for a free day.

Mid-morning Snack – One ounce cheddar cheese.  I’ve been craving it.  I was peckish.  It was good.

Lunch – Chinese Buffet – I actually behaved myself fairly well.  I tried to remember that buffets are about variety rather than stuffing as much as possible down my gullet.  I surprised myself when I passed the fried rice and instead laid a pile of chinese broccoli on my plate.  I’m a big fried rice fan, but I also enjoy the chinese broc, and as far as a base for various buffet bits, it’s as good as the rice (and much healthier).  I got a taste of everything I wanted, went back for some more shrimp and ended the meal with fruit rather than ice cream, so I’m calling it a win.  I did drink Pepsi, though…

Mid-afternoon Snack – Medium Coke and a McDouble – okay… no excuse for this one.  It’s a meal in itself (a bad one at that).

Dinner – Pizza – It was a big pizza, and I would have probably usually eaten half of it (four slices), but instead just had two.  I had eaten the McDouble a few hours earlier, after all.  One Blueberry Vodka lemonade for the beverage followed by water for the rest of the evening.

Evening Snack – Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Brittle ice cream – It was delicious… and yes, I ate the entire pint.

CRIPES!  No wonder I’m fat.  Is this why the world hates America?!?  Free day or not, that was just a lot of bad choices.  I think the snacks were the worst thing.  New rule.  Snacks are limited to a maximum of two on free days.  One has to be a good dietary choice, and they can only be eaten if I am actually hungry… not just thinking about a food.

Tomorrow is back to the standard diet eating plan.  Let’s see how I do climbing back on that horse!