So those of you who have met me in real life are now forming mental images that will haunt you for the rest of your days.  I do apologize for that.  Appropriate considering which comic this is, I suppose.

Regardless, I have been stymied by trying to figure this diet thing out of late.  It should be a matter of science.  Calories in, calories out.  Weight changes accordingly, but it really doesn’t seem to work that way.  For instance, the eagle-eyed of you out there will have noticed that the ticker has slipped down another 3 pounds during my two weeks of travel.  I have to be honest here, I really didn’t follow the eating rules all that closely, and there were a few days where I pretty much pigged out (Nordy’s with Tanya and Steve comes to mind), but still… I’m down in weight.

Sure there were things like this:

12.65 miles

Which at 12.65 miles accounts for about 3000 calories (and doesn’t include the 2 miles I walked to get to and from dinner later that evening), but still.  I ate a lot.  I really did.  Of course, I should have known I lost some more because I did have to drill another hole in my belt to keep the trousers up, and when I flex my calves… well… they are frickin’ cut!  I’m always had good leg muscles (cyclist, you know), but they are seriously… wow!

But, and never the less, I was sure that I had gained some weight.  I think I’m defying some basic physical principles at this point.

Regardless, it did give me yet another chance to reflect on the feelings resulting from free-range eating and the from sticking to my caloric limit.  I got to tell you, eating within the limit really is an more pleasant overall experience.  Exceeding it leaves on feeling… loagy… sluggish… dull.  But just a day or two into caloric recover, and you start to feel… better.  Like your standing on a precipice ready to leap… into adventure!  Quick, fresh, fast… it’s a great feeling…

…so why the constant tendency to backslide into the free-range lifestyle?  There doesn’t seem to be any pluses…

Well… that BBQ dinner was a plus, I’ll give you that.

Also, the reporting what I eat thing.  I haven’t been reporting the exact details of meal because I figured it made for a dull read… but… if I’m not reporting them, I also tend to be less accurate about counting them, and counting them accurately is a very important part of my process as it turns out, so… let’s run the numbers.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Banana and Granola bar – 250 calories
  • Lunch – Ham and Cheese sammich – 250 calories
  • Afternoon snack 1 – Fiber Bar – 140 calories
  • Afternoon snack 2 – watermelon – 162 calories
  • Dinner – Sauteed gizzards, potatoes and cucumber – 800 calories
  • Evening snack – 3 brownie delight (little refrigerated square jobbers) – 180 calories

1782 calories total.  Not bad.  For the record, yesterday was 1825 calories.


Basic callisthenics… I’ve opted to leap onto the 100 pushup bandwagon and tonight was the first workout.  I also did some ab crunches and housework.  No idea what the caloric burn is there, but moving is good.

Until tomorrow…