Sorry about the radio silence.  I’ve been on the road for the last two weeks, and last week, the entire family was with me.  Sadly, everything I wanted to say involved around the family, and where we were and what we were doing.  As this is the equivalent of shouting out to the world

Hey all, there is no one at my home and while my possessions are meager (and covered with cat hair), I would be ever so grateful if you could swing by the house and steal them. 

I opted to just keep my mouth shut about the entire trip (more on that later), and carry on.  This week, however, I am traveling alone in the land with no air.  So, I’m good.

The air actually isn’t a problem, but there is a tendency to “run out of breath” faster than normal… but you adapt.  It’s darn dry, though… hydration is… time consuming.

Foodwise, this week is a bit of a challenge.  I’m in Cowboy Country, and the food is… let’s call it hardy.  I’m sure I’m hitting above my 2k threshold (does everything  served here have to be the size of a barn and smothered in cheese and potatoes?!?), but am doing okay.  I had to drill a new hole in the belt last night, so that was a perk.

To compensate for the hardiness, I’ve been trying to exercise more.  Food is available here, but I’ve been instituting an if-you-want-food-you-have-to-hike-to-it policy.  Here is Monday night’s chart:

6 miles, nice!

Now on Monday, they had some aggressive rain in the afternoon, and the skies looked as if that was going to continue in the evening, so I opted to stop for dinner after a mile (slab of dead cow, baked potatoe and salad).  What is interesting is if you look at the heart rate results during the first mile and after the first mile.  My but digestion certainly affects the blood supply, eh?

As it happens, I was at about mile 3 when I realized that the clouds were not moving at all and the rain I saw on the horizon was just not going to make it over here, so I just kept walking.  As it happened, with no pre-planning, I hit exactly 6.0 miles when I returned to the front door of the hotel.  Garmin suggests that this walk was good for about 1350 calories, so at least I know that dinner and a bit of lunch were taken care of.

I wasn’t sure how high Fort Collins actually was, but the garmin was nice enough to let me know that I’m rocking about 4000ft above Ann Arbor, so that’s cool.

I must admit that I do really love this town and am happy to get out here whenever work requires.  Other towns I have to travel to regularly, not so much, but this one, is always a pleasure.

I’ve also had the great pleasure of meeting up with some friends for a couple nights this week which has been GREAT!  I almost never get a chance to talk to Steve under normal circumstances, as Tanya’s and my circles tend to overlap more, so I’ve really enjoyed it.  I need to get a hold of GenDraft still to see if he wants to hang, but it’s been a good trip so far.