So, when I was asked this question, I froze… just another schmuck making a smart ass remark… it wasn’t until later that I realized that it may have been a serious question…

[Editors Note: Here there be drama!  I’ll point out that no one involved in the writing of this missive is currently suffering depression, but one can’t discuss certain topics without… angst.  I’m actually cruising along at a happy pace.  It is what it is.]

So yeah… when you’re obese (and I mean really obese), it kinda feels like you’re in  prison.  Like your trapped inside a body that’s not really your own.  Like you struggle and struggle, and you’ll never get out.  Of course, that’s all bullshoi… If I’m trapped in a prison, it is clearly a prison of of my own making.  No one is holding the keys, but me.

Of course, the self-constructed prison is a particular specialty of mine.  Make a big plan, hit a little snag and *Bam*!  We’ve got a recipe for some serious stagnation via indecisive inaction.  Take a look at Slightly Off-Topic.  It’s been kind of quiet around there lately.  Why?  I can’t get it to look right.  When I’m doing one-off riffs, it doesn’t really matter how it looks, it’s the joke or political comment or social commentary that counts… the art is gravy… a weak, lumpy gravy, but gravy none-the-less… (mmm… gravy…).  However, I have a story I want to tell, and by writing a script, I’ve created a world in my head, and I can’t seem to bring that world to light (to my satisfaction)… so I do… nothing.  Over and over again.  Sure, life has been incredibly (incredibly) busy of late, but that’s just an excuse.

Of course, since I’m not making progress on Slightly, I feel guilty whenever I take the time to do a Saggy.   [Editor’s Note:  It’s possible that this guy is just nuts… ]  So, I find a reason not to do an SMB strip either.  That, of course, risks cutting into my actual dietary progress which would be a significantly band thing… you know… in real life.

But when you’re dealing with a prison of your own making, there’s an easy solution… walk right out, eh?  This inaction is easily solved by action, which is the whole point behind Saggy Man Breasts, after all, eh?  When the diet gets to me or I start to feel overwhelmed by the length of the journey before me, I draw a little picture, crack a little joke and move on.  It’s a system that works for me.

…and makes me not only thing about the weight issues, but also talk about them openly with all you fine people… which is a good thing.

So, I’ll do better at the daily SMB updates and will force myself to accept that it will take time to be good enough to produce the Slightly Off-Topic that I see in my head and be satisfied with just putting out the best strips that I can.

That’s the plan, anyway, but I’ve said that sort of thing before.  Constant struggle, vicious circle…

Whatever… I think the important thing to keep in mind is that the diet is actually going well.  1650 calories yesterday.  1950 today… oh, and there was this:

Does anyone even look at these things?!?

and, of course, this one too…

Probably not...

So there’s a couple thousand calories that I’ll never see again.  Good riddance, I say.