Good God, is it hot!  Too hot!  Just too bloody hot!  I actually set out Monday morning with the full intention of walking the seven miles to the NCRC but after about 15 minutes, and realizing that NCRC doesn’t have a working shower yet, I turned around and hopped in the car.  Too hot!  I mean it was still oh-God-early, and it was already 88 with humidity sitting at 86%.  Yikes!  The heat index peaked at 106°F yesterday.  I did, however, still opt to find a shady spot outdoors to enjoy my lunch.  As long as you could keep the sun from beating down on you directly, it was pleasant enough… at least in the NCRC courtyard… it seems to be able to produce a breeze out of the stillest of skies.

So, those of you who are ticker watchers will notice that another pound has fallen by the wayside.  Considering the week, I’m calling that pound a victory.  Between not trying as hard as I should and being too dang busy to breathe let alone properly plan, any loss is a great loss.  So… monday food… let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Oscar Mayer turkey sub thing – 230 calories
  • Lunch – Busch’s chicken and watermelon – 610 calories
  • Afternoon snack – Guac and chips – 550 calories
  • Dinner – baked chicken breast, home made spaetzle and salad – 590 calories
  • Evening snack – Tootsie rolls – 150 calories

2130 calories total… well… that was a few too many, wasn’t it?!?  The guac was GREAT.  I made it from scratch, and accidentally dumped the cayenne pepper bottle in it… this guac was RED when I finished it, but wow was it good!  The spaetzle was a last minute, spur of the moment side dish idea (courtesy of Tyler Florence)… and it was really, really good!  The nutmeg really shines through in that stuff.

The tootsie rolls… well… sometimes you just need chocolate.

The exercise was, of course, aborted as I mentioned above…