I maintain that it doesn’t matter what you are doing… dieting, attempting to woo the woman you love, working on the cure to cancer… it just. doesn’t. matter.  There is no greater feeling than the day your air conditioner is fixed and starts working again after several HOT summer days… All you can do or think is… AHHHHHHHHH….

As it happens, my diet is going just fine, thank you very much.  I can tell that in a number of ways… the constantly moving ticker over there to the left, the fact that I am desperately dependent upon a belt to keep my pants on, the fact that my heart rate monitor strap no longer has a sinewy death grip around my chest, and even the fact that my gps wrist strap now needs pulled an extra two notches to keep the thing on… that’s right folks, my wrists are getting skinny!!!  Sadly, the rest of me is still a tub of lard, but I’m working on that… give it time!

In any cases, the diet continues apace… much easier now that I can actually sleep!  So, let’s run  the numbers!

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Granola bar – 160 calories
  • Lunch – Tinned chicken on deli flat with mustard and giardineria – 300
  • Dinner – Chipotle steak fajita burrito – 695 calories
  • Evening snack – weird fake M&Ms my daughter bought me – 472 calories (calories increased 25% over M&M’s as unsure about sugar content in the fakes)

1672 calories total.  Not bad.  The tinned chicken was a little weird… smelled too much like tuna and the water looked a bit thick… I’d not dead though, so I’m guessing it wasn’t botulism+.  I tend to depend on this calculator when I have Chipotle to decide what I can and can not have.  The fat and sodium are still big issues with that place though.  Sodium is especially bad.  I’m going to have to try whipping up a good home cooked version though that will mean I will have to switch to chicken as for home cooked, I’d only want to prep one meat and the girls don’t generally do beef in their Mexican.