Chain restaurants are actually pretty easy.  The government has browbeat most of them in to providing nutritional information on their websites.  If you’re going to one, you can just look up the menu before you leave, pick want you want and do the math.  Easy Peasy.  Worst case is you simply look up the numbers of the food when you get home as assay the damage.  Heck, if the have a Fit section on the menu, they probably have the calories listed right there.  Convenient…

Non-chain restaurants, of course, can be a pain…  The food is better, but they rarely provide any sort of nutritional info, so you just have to see what’s on the plate, do some weight/size estimates and start adding up ingredient counts.  Criminey… I just want to have a meal… not practice my derivations!  Such is the life.

Let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – 1/2 cup Post Trail Mix Crunch Cereal (Almonds and Raisins) with skim milk – 225 calories
  • Lunch – Cancun Burrito with salad and four tortilla chips – 700 calories
  • Dinner – Roast Chicken and salad (with tomatoes and onions)  – 600 calories
  • Snack – Honeycrisp apple with 2 tbsp Peter Pan Crunchy Peanut Butter – 270 calories

1795 total calories.

So, not quite 2000 calories, but there is some heavy estimating involved in my values, so I’m okay with it.  When I don’t have concrete calorie information, I always try and err on the side of overestimating, but you can never be too careful.  I felt like I’d eaten enough, and that’s what counts.

As I wasn’t hiking in to work (weekend!), I figured I’d opt for something other than the smoothie for breakfast.  Post Trail Mix Crunch to the rescue!  I’ve always been a huge fan of Grape Nuts, and when they introduced Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch, I was thrilled.  It’s delicious.  Why they felt the need to shorten the name, I do not know, but as long as they keep making it, I’m happy.  I use more than the recommended 1/2 cup milk, so my calorie count is higher than you’ll find on the box.

Lunch was a restaurant meal, and I chose the Cancun (shrimp) burrito.  Mi Zarappe makes the best shrimp in all of the greater Ann Arbor area, so I always get shrimp something when I’m there.  It came out with a side of rice (which I never eat) and a pile of lettuce with about a tablespoon of sour cream and guacamole.  Sadly, I’d forgotten that the burrito comes out covered with a cheese/cream sauce.  Had I remembered, I would have asked them to leave it off.  Since it wasn’t the sort of thing I could scrape off, I took a few bites to “flavor” the palate and then just took the tortilla (and sauce) off and set it aside.  I took the innards (grilled shrimp, peppers and onions) and mixed it with the lettuce, sour cream and guac and had a very pleasant lunch.  Rather than eating the entire basket of chips and salsa (as is my norm), I opted to eat four of them.  Yay me!  Water to drink, of course…

Dinner was roast chicken (I did mention that I had a thing for chicken, right?!?).  I peeled the skin off (It kills me to do that), and used an entire bag of shredded lettuce (only 25 calories) to make the salad.  Laurie had a shepherd’s pie, and Brit went out with friends.  Everyone was happy.  An apple with peanut butter rounded out the night and kept the belly growl-free through the evening.

As the weekends are generally family/errand time, I didn’t do any organized exercise, so the food total is the day’s total.

Tomorrow is a free eating day.  Wish me luck!