As promised, mental balance is restored… mostly! 😉

I find it impossible to be out for a walk as the sun rises and maintain a poor mood.  That mix of fresh air, physical exercise and morning colors with the ipod providing a complementary soundtrack… it uplifts the body and the spirit and lets you get back to some semblance of balance.  I arrived at work feeling… relaxed… ready to start the day.

…of course, work did it’s best to suck, though… machine issues… by the end of the day I was sitting in a pile of parts that I probably shouldn’t have removed, but did finally manage to diagnose the issue, so that’s a perk.  I don’t have the necessary part, but it’s a start…

Speaking of soundtracks, I popped over to Amazon last night and noticed that the soundtrack to The Book of Mormon was only $1.99 as an mp3 download, so I had to snag it.  It is brilliantly hilarious!  I just checked and it is currently $10.99, so I don’t know if I just caught a sale or if it is a pricing error, but in any case “yippee”.  I’d love to road trip up to NYC to catch that show.  It looks great.

In any case, diet went well enough today.  Laurie wanted McDs, and I was able to make that work.  Much snacking in the evening, but well within range.  So… let’s run the numbers.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Banana and fiber bar – 190 calories
  • Late Freakin’ Lunch – Roast chicken (real rather than tinned) sammich on bagel thin with mustard and giardineria – 450 calories
  • Dinner – McDouble and Med Frys – 770 calories
  • Evening snack 1 – leftover pulled pork – 100 calories
  • Evening snack 2 – cashew granola bar – 160 calories
  • Evening snack 3 – skinny cow chocolates – 120 calories

1790 calories total which is a great number.  Not the greatest calories (nutrient-wise), of course, but good enough.


So… yeah… there was that.  1108 calories according to the Garmin.  I also did the walk between NCRC and the CCC, but I wasn’t wearing the monitor at the time, so I can’t give numbers… about 3 more miles though… fun.

So that’s 1790 in and 1108 out for a net gain of 682 calories for the day!