So I wasn’t really looking for a reminder that I don’t have my mental game all together yet, but I sure got one!  When Wednesday’s flight was cancelled, I got so frustrated, I just tossed that diet right out the window.

Pigging out is not an appropriate reaction to frustration.  It is counter-productive and will just lead to more frustration later.

Oh well, I didn’t really toss the diet completely out the window, but I’m sure I over-shot 2000 calories, and there was Coke… oh yes… there was Coke.  The Dark God… the caramel-colored friend to the fatty… sweet, sweet Atlanta soda… yum… but bad.

Friday started out okay, but though it was supposed to be a day off, I had to go in to work to repair everything that malfunctioned whilst I was away.  Frustration was at an all-time high, and I was about to toss the diet out for another day, and headed to McDonalds’ to grab some lunch.  I chose to walk, and by the time I got there, I had managed to get my head on straight and ordered something well within the dietary parameters.  More fat than necessary, but no diet-crushing calorie counts.  I actually finished Friday at around 1600 calories (1640 if I recall, but I’m not near my notebook at the moment).

Regardless, back home and back on track, and all is well, so how did Saturday go?  Let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Yoplait Blueberry Parfait – 120 calories
  • Lunch – Crapplebees Soup and Salad Lunch (French Onion and Shrimp salad) – 600 calories
  • Dinner – Braised beef and tortellini – 370 calories
  • Evening snack 1 – Popchips – 120 calories
  • Evening snack 2 – Nestle Skinny Cow Dark Chocolate Dreamy Clusters – 120 calories
  • Evening snack 3 – Fiber 1 Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fiber Bar – 90 calories

1420 calories total.  So… you probably see a bit of an issue with the latter part of the day.  3 snacks… I was quite peckish… when I realized what I was doing, I took Chris’ advice and downed a fiber bar.  That seemed to satisfy the belly.  Calories were well below the planned 2000 though.

Hey, did you know that if you ask, they’ll make the French Onion soup without the crouton and cheese gob?  Much easier to eat.  I wasn’t sure what was in the salad dressing, so I just made a caloric count (as if I’d eaten the cheese and crouton) and then added 200 more.  Seems reasonable.

Dinner was one of those “freezer bags for two” kind of things.  Laurie wanted to try it, and the calories were okay, so I went with it.  I maintain that I could have cooked it from scratch with better end results though.

Popchips – Weird potato crisp things I picked up at Meijers.  Not baked, not fried… puffed.  Tasty though.  The Dreamy delights were, in fact, delightful, but what would you expect from candies?  The Fiber One bars are interesting in that their main ingredient seems to be puffed barley or some such.  In fact, I fully expected to see Sugar Bear stroll by as I was eating it, but tasty enough.  My granola bars are tastier, but have less fiber.

Exercise was in the form of mucho housecleaning and many, many errands.