So, I’m in the convention center heading down to the exhibit hall, and I glance down and see this big yellow label that says there is a 450 pound limit per step.  Did you know that there were step limits per escalator?  Neither did I, but it certainly makes sense.  Regardless, I saw the label, and smiled to myself and thought “Hah!  I don’t weigh that much!  I can be on this escalator all day long!”…and then…


The escalator makes a loud bang noise, a piece flies up from the step below me, and the thing comes screeching to a halt.  I looked up, and I was the only one on the thing, and everybody… everybody… was staring at me.

I did not break the damn thing!  It was just coincidence, but yikes!  I made a hasty retreat.

I must admit I was a bit skittish when I got on the escalator later on, but everything remains unbroken.

For the record, I was actually climbing the stairs every time I needed to go up, but for some reason, the knee is killing me when I try and go down stairs.  I’m going to go to Best Buy tomorrow and pick up a new knee… you can do that, right?

We headed out to Little Italy for dinner, so let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Banana and Granola bar – 250 calories
  • Morning Snack – Orange Juice – 140 calories
  • Lunch – Ham sammich and BBQ chips – 460 calories
  • Dinner – Grilled chicken, potato salad and grilled mushrooms – 500 calories
  • Evening snack – Oreo Brownie – 310 calories

1660 calories total.  So a good day.

Did I mention that that those granola bars are good?!?  I don’t know what the deal is with the conference this year.  Between sessions, they lay out coffee, soda and juice, and all I want is a frickin’ drink of water.  I’ll have to bring some from the hotel with me.  As it is, those 140 calories were not a big deal, but it would be nice if they supplied some water.

Lunch was the usual box lunch that you get at these sort of things.  Mine had a ham on ciabatta roll.  I ate it without the larger top bun to save on the calories.  It also included a bag of BBQ chips which were 190 calories, so I was okay with them (and they were yummy).  It did, however, include an Oreo Brownie at 310 calories.  I thought it best to set it aside for the time being.

For dinner, we headed out to Little Italy and found a place called Aldo’s.  I ordered the grilled chicken, and had a small piece of bread while waiting.  When it came out, it had the breast, a side of grilled mushrooms and a cold potato salad which was a mix of blue and white potatoes in a light vinegarette.  It was FABULOUS.  I got some info from the waiter to help with the calorie estimate.

We opted to skip the bus, and walked across town back to the hotel.  It is supposed to be storming the rest of the week, so we figured this might be our last chance.  I’m not a big fan of cities, but Baltimore has some really nice areas.  A bit less depressing than Chicago, not as nice as Boston.

When I got back, and finally got the computer working long enough to finish this strip (it keeps dropping pen support every 10-15 minutes).  I tallied my calories for the day, and realized I had significantly undershot, and that I could have that Brownie, after all!!!  Having set it aside, and left a significantly wide caloric margin really made it seem like a reward.

Sadly, it was only okay, but chocolate is always okay.