Oh what a difference a day makes.  Sadly, this is where Monday morning found me.  And why?  That bleeding scale, of course.  I stepped on it, and it insists that I only lost one pound last week. I don’t mean to pull the drama tag, but I was ready to quit right there and then.  In fact I climbed right back into bed…

…and then I climbed right back out.  I figured, that as long as I was up that I might as well head into work and grab a McBreakfast on the way in… and then I figured that since it wasn’t raining, and I was pissed off, I may as well walk and burn off some of this anger.  The walk to work *is* very relaxing, after all.

So I whipped up a smoothie as it’s a good hike-friendly food, and headed out the door… angry, upset and planning on a pizza party.

It was about 2 miles into the walk that I gained some semblance of perspective, and shoved my negative thoughts aside and starting dwelling on the positives, to whit:

  • I *did* lose another pound, after all.
  • I may not have lost a lot of weight, but I am visibly reducing my waistline as evidenced by the trouser exodus not 24 hours before.
  • I feel better.

Okay.  Crisis resolved, I continued to work, and behaved myself (calorically speaking… I may have punched my keyboard entirely too aggressively for a good portion on the day).  So, Let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Smoothie – 350 calories (Note to self: need to buy more bananas.)
  • Morning snack – Clementine – 40 calories
  • Lunch  – 5 machine chicken wings – 320 calories
  • Afternoon Snack – CVS High Fiber Chewy Bar Chocolate and Oatmeal Flavor (see Chris, I told you I bought them) – 140 calories
  • Dinner – Fresh cut pork loin chops and frickin’ huge salad – 900 calories
  • Evening snack – Fudgesicle – 100 calories

1850 calories total.  My apologies for the vending machine chicken wings, but I did leave the house under the impression that I was no longer dieting.

As per the fiber bar, it wasn’t bad.  It had that same sort of styrofoamy undertaste that all such bars have, but it did have flavor and a decent texture.  I have the Kashi ones at home and will have to compare and contrast.

Dinner was fab.  I had bought a large pork loin, and cut chops off of the lean end.  I gave them a rub (rosemary and thyme based), and seared them in a cast iron skillet.  They then went into a 450° oven for 15 minutes and came out perfect!!! Normally, I wouldn’t have cooked them that hot, but I was making cheesy potatoes for the girls, so the oven was at that temp already.  (Note: I successfully managed not to eat the potatoes.)  As the chops rested, I pulled out a bag of shredded lettuce, added a jar of marinated artichoke hearts and wedged some tomatoes.  I think some mushrooms and cucs would have been good in there as well, but my fridge was out.  Once the girls had taken their salads, I dropped on 3.5 ounces of wedged avocado (and you thought that high calorie count was all pork… shame on you!).  It was fab!  I have another avocado which I’ll use to make a mini-batch of guac tonight.


I mentioned the walking, right?  I don’t have the usual graph because I forgot to load that image to the server, but it’s lumpy as always.  I did both there and back which was 9.4 miles and ~3.5 hours of time all told for the day.  According to the Garmin, that is a neat 2154 calories burned.  So for the day, we have 1850 calories intake minus 2154 calories burned yielding negative 304 calories for the day.

So maybe I should quit more often?