Okay… so I get an idea in my head and I go with it.  I’ll get to the running in a bit, but first let’s run the numbers.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Alton Brown’s Fruit Smoothie – 350 calories
  • Lunch – Tinned Chicken on Bagel with giardineria and mustard – 380 calories
  • Snack – Fit ‘n Active Trail Mix – 150 calories
  • Dinner – French Bread Pizza – 920 calories

1800 calories total.  My but that’s a round number.  As I was planning on exercising, I made the usual smoothie for breakfast (skim, grape juice, banana, strawberries, blueberries, mango).  It’s always a good way to start the day, and fairly convenient as I keep stocks of frozen fruit in the freezer.  Lunch was of course pulled from the fridge in my office.  I have to restock supplies though.  The oranges went bad while I was traveling, and I’m down to my last can of tuna.

Giardineria continues to prove problematic.  The jar clearly saves refrigerate after opening, but since the fluid portion is oil, it actually gels up in the fridge making it impossible to drain. Well… not impossible.  I’ve started toasting the bagel, and I set my dollop of giardineria on the hot bagel which instantly melts the oil which I can then poor off, easy peasy.  However, I still say you could do the same thing with vinegar and save all the trouble.

Dinner was mighty tasty.  I believe I’ve mentioned a pizza craving.  Well, French Bread pizzas are not pizza… they are a loaf of bread with stuff on top, but they are tasty and a nice treat.


Heart Rate versus elevation plot

Can you find the 8 running sections?

So… rather than walking to work, I decided to try running.  Technically, I decided to begin the Couch to 5k running program.  My sister-in-law recommended it, and it seems a logical enough program.  This was day one which has a warm up and cool down and alternates 60 second running periods with 90 second walking periods.  In this first week, I’m actually only running for a total of 8 minutes.  Can you spot those 8 minutes in the heart rate graph above?

To be honest, even the 8 minutes exceeded my abilities.  I did the first two minutes of running okay, but the remaining six, I’d say about 30-40 seconds per period.  I seem to be out of shape.  Not surprising considering the time of year and the fact that I left the bike in the basement all winter, but still  I was hoping to do better.

So… this is the point where I say ‘screw it’ and give up.

Okay, this is the point where I would normally say ‘screw it’ and give up, but having stated on the internet for all the world to see that I’m going to start running, I’m not about give up easily.  I’m going to make this happen… one broken knee cap at a time.

It was interesting.  When I first took off running, I was doing a serious heel strike, and I cut that shit out pretty quickly.  BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM  My knees, shins and hips were not amused.  It didn’t take to long to figure out the forefoot step which is more cushioning but which feels strangely unnatural.  I’m sure I looked awkward as hell, as well.  I also noticed that while I had a long stride when starting out, by the end, I was doing those tiny little “running gramma” steps.  Again, I must have been a sight to behold.

Speaking of sights, I passed several folks whilst “running.”  I managed to not be self-conscious in all but one instance.  That would be the shortest peak above…. Yes, I know… fat guy running, but at least I’m running so… there you go.

Garmin informs me that I burned 1145 calories in my running and walk to work (if you believe such estimates), so that’s 1800 calories in minus 1145 calories out yielding a net positive of 655 calories in for the day… which isn’t a bad day.