So, I was thinking all weekend that I would just declare Scale Amnesty this weekend.  I figured due to all the calorie estimates that were undoubtedly being defeated by vegetables cooked in butter or hunks of fat ground and mixed into the potatoes just to be sneaky that I would undoubtedly be gaining weight this week, so there wasn’t much point hopping on the scale until I’d had another week to work it off.

That’s great in theory, but… I’m a bit obsessive.  If I didn’t hop on the scale, I’d almost certainly be worrying all week about how much I did gain and what I would find come next Monday.  As you all probably know, stress is the enemy of dieting, so for better or worse, I decided to step onto the scale.  After all, when I started this thing, I had only one rule: No Lying!  I stand by that.  So… no scale amnesty today…

…and I’m awfully glad!!!  As you can see from the ticker, I’m down another five pounds this week!!!!  Pardon me a sec… scaley dance time…

Okay… better.  Imagine if I had spent all week worrying that I’d gained weight… madness…

Now, I know a lot of you have looked at what I’ve been eating, and it doesn’t remind you of any diet program you’ve seen before, and there is truth in that.  I have not radically altered my habits to completely healthy choices.  In fact, I’m not really eating that much less than normal, but I have made some changes, and those changes are having an effect.  As I continue in this process, I will have to make more and more choices, and those changes will not only affect my waistline, but my overall health as well.

Still, I’ve had big meals at McD’s twice in as many weeks.  That doesn’t seem to match up with the idea of weight loss, so let’s take a moment to reflect on what I have done thus far.

First, according to the calorie calculators available online, it takes roughly 4300 calories a day to keep this particular boat afloat.  Holy sweet Jesus, that’s a lot of calories.  Simply limiting intake to that 2000 is going to cause significant weight loss weather I make healthy choices or not.  The odds are currently stacked in my favor.  Secondly, I’m not snacking any more.  Well, I am, but only planned snacks such as 15 Wheat Thins (Man, those things are good) or a banana or some such.  A snack no longer means that left over cheeseburger, or a big hunk of cheddar, or an Entemann’s donut with peanut butter or any such thing.  Sensible choices.

Next, I’m more cognizant of portion sizes.  Steaks need not be 16 ounces.  Just because they sell 1/2 a chicken as a portion, doesn’t mean I have to eat the whole thing.  Ice creams can actually be ordered in sizes other than large.  I know… sounds crazy right, but it’s true.  They have mediums and smalls and minis… it’s amazing.

Finally… as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve cut out the Coke.  Now more soda at work.  No more soda with Dinner… and after dinner… and right before bed.  No Coke… and no RC either (now that one hurts…)

So… small changes, but changes which yield big results.  Now, moving on to the next topic, I set three weekly goals last week, didn’t I?  Let’s see how I did.

  1. Red Meat Reduction – I limited myself to three steaks in order to add a bit more variety to my menu.  I had exactly three steaks, so… okay.
  2. Don’t Be Bullied by the Menu – The goals was to get comfortable asking for changes to the menu in order to get more diet-compatible choices.  I can’t say I’m truly comfortable with this yet, but asking the waitstaff at the hotel for something diet-friendly instead of the endless list of eggs and fried breakfast foods did yield me a very nice fruit plate and some blueberry yogurt, so that was a perk.  Other times were not so successful, as when I’d ask for the vegetables not to be sauteed in butter, and I’m pretty sure they just switched to lard.  Go figure.
  3. Exercise more – yeah right.  Lazy arse.

So… with that said, let’s look at the goals for this week…

  1. I said EXERCISE MORE – Sir, yes sir!
  2. 1 Vegetarian Day
  3. Go to the store and get some Fibar Bars for my office and home

Okay… that done, let’s run the numbers.

Two days because of travel delays:

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Fruit Plate, Yogurt and two pieces of Bacon – 450 calories
  • Snack – Apple – 90 calories
  • Snack – Orange – 95 calories
  • Dinner – French Onion Soup, Roast Chicken, Mixed Veggies and Roasted Red Potatoes – 1000 calories

1635 calories total

Probably more of an undershoot that it shows.  With dinner, I pulled the cheese and crostini out of the soup, and discarded the gravy (which I had served on the side), but really upped the calorie estimate due to the afore-mentioned larding of the veggies.

  • Breakfast – 4 oz NY Strip, 2 eggs and hash browns – 600 calories
  • Snack – Banana – 100 calories
  • Lunch – Oscar Meyer Turkey Sandwich pack (sandwich, Jello Mousse and Wheat Thins) – 390 calories
  • Dinner – Chicken and Dumplings – 800 calories

And that’s it.  I am officially caught up.  See you tomorrow.