My apologies for the disappearance!  I thought I had finally figured out a way to post the comics remotely now that my tabletpc has gone belly up, but it would appear that I was wrong… well… sort of wrong.  It would have worked just fine had I brought the laptop (the laptop is fine, it’s the wacom portion that’s toast), but instead, I just brought the ipad thinking that I could sketch on the road, snap a pic and send it in via the ipad… except the ipad doesn’t support “upload file” features and the post via email feature of wordpress strips any attached pictures… so… there’s that…

…and oh yes… I was on the road.  Had to wing it out to San Jose, California to see a man about a machine (for the lab).  I’ll also be traveling most of next week, but will upload comics before leaving in order to deal with this issue… or at least bring the laptop… whichever.

In any case, it was with a great deal of trepidation that I set out on the road.  I knew that any meals would be “business-related” (i.e – must attend), and that I would have virtually zero control about where we went and would have to deal with things accordingly.

Before going in to the food, I would like to say that I’m getting mighty sick of restaurants.  It is so much easier to control the content of meals when you make them yourself.  I can estimate weights and portions, but if they’ve slipped a bit of sugar into the sauce or butter into the saute, I have no way of telling amounts to assign calories.  I’d rather just cook.

Second, because of the above, I didn’t count calories.  Well… I did, but as they were all estimates, I just ran the numbers in my head and kept the imaginary tally below 2000.  Regardless, let’s have a quick rundown.

Travel Day 1:

  • Breakfast – Fruit plate and sausage
  • Lunch – Airplane pretzels – 45 calories
  • Dinner – Sirloin over mixed vegetables with green tomato puree

I had an early flight, so I grabbed breakfast at the airport.  I went with the fruit plate, and since I knew I probably wouldn’t be eating again for at least 8 hours, I let them add on a side of sausage links for a bit of protein.  I’d had the sausage at this restaurant before, and knew that it was fresh, firm and not at all greasy.  The side includes three links.  I had hoped to grab lunch during my layover in Salt Lake, but the first plane left late, and they were already boarding when I got off the first plane, so I was mighty glad I had added those sausages.  I was even gladder midway through the flight when the nice stewardess lady handed me that little bag of pretzels!!!  Dinner was at a bistro called Vick’s.  Italian-influenced menu, so I went with the night’s special… a six-ounce sirloin over mixed grilled vegetables and green tomato puree with a spinach salad.

Hey… did you know a spinach salad is full of feta cheese and bacon?  I didn’t.  I ate the spinach and left the rest in the bowl.  As such, I’m pretty sure I ended the day below 2000 calories.

Travel Day 2:

  • Breakfast – Hotel Buffet
  • Lunch – Fajita Buffet
  • Dinner – Mongolian Beef

So, we had breakfast at the hotel buffet… lot’s of stuff there… eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, potatoes, oatmeal… mmmm… I opted to fill my plate with fruit slices (cantaloupe, honey dew, strawberries and pineapple), and left just enough room for one small scoop of the scrambled eggs (about 1 egg’s worth), and one sausage link.  When I decided I wanted seconds, I just grabbed a banana.

For lunch, they brought in a fajita spread.  One dish had grilled veggies (peppers, onions, mushrooms), and the other had grilled chicken strips in vegetables.  I took a similar approach to breakfast.  I put a pile of black beans on the plate, a nice pile of the veggies and three of the chicken strips.  I also took ~1 tablespoon of the guac and 3 tortilla chips.  It was good.  I will admit to snagging another pinch of the grilled veggies, but left the chicken dish alone.

Dinner was in my old stomping grounds in Mountain View.  I had a proper mongolian beef.  Not greasy, not swimming in brown sauce, just dry rubbed beef cooked with green and yellow onions.  It was delicious… so delicious I ate the whole thing… which I should not have done.  I’m sure it kicked me above my 2000 calories (though not by too much).  I’ll avoid such behavior in the future.

Travel Day 3:

  • Breakfast – Veggie omelette sandwich
  • Lunch – Roast Beef Sandwich
  • Dinner – New York strip, veggie salad, baked potato

Breakfast was at the airport again.  Almost nothing was open (it was a really early flight).  I found a place to grab a sandwich.  They had some great breakfast sandwich, but I stuck with the veggie omelette sandwich.  It was quite tasty.  Lunch was at a different airport and consisted of an Angus roast beef sandwich.  It was also delicious.  I had it sans cheese, and just applied a tiny schmear of the horseradish for flavor (about 1/4 teaspoon) and the giardineria that was served with it (about a tablespoon, I drained the oil first).  It was a frickin’ GREAT sandwich.  I ate the veggies (pickles, onions, tomato slice) on the side.  I left the coleslaw and huge pile of fries on the plate.

Dinner was with Laurie, but I was too tired to cook by the time I got home, so we went to the local diner, and I had the strip special.  8 oz I think… and I cut off the fat and only ate the lean… which I hated to due, but really… who needs to eat big chunks of fat, anyways?!?  The salad came out dry with bottles of vinegar and oil.  I added about 4 drops of oil, said “screw it” and then added about a teaspoon of vinegar.  It was good enough.  There was also corn on the plate, but it was cold, and I’d had enough starches for the day.

So… that was my travel eating… not terrible, but I need to be more careful with things.  I’ll see how things went on Monday, I guess.  It was good practice for the travel coming up this week.