You may remember a few days ago when I had planned to have KFC, but due to a needed trip to the grocery, I was unable to stop off for my evening meal.  No problem, right?  I simply made other plans and carried on with my evening.

So along comes Sunday.  Laurie and I slept in a bit, and then I had numerous things to do (like finish an agonizingly long Slightly Off-Topic), and I ended up completely forgetting about breakfast.  About lunch time, though, I was feeling particularly peckish, so I decided that the time had come, and I asked Laurie what she would like, hopped in the car and headed towards KFC…

…only to find that due to a construction accident across the street, they had lost there power and were closed.


“No Worries,” says I, “I’ll just drive over to the one across town.”

So with a smile on my face and a rumble in my belly, I head to the KFC on Liberty.  Arriving about 15 minutes later (stupid Ann Arbor traffic), I’m relieved to see that they seem to have power and pull in to the Drive-Thru…

“Welcome to KFC.  May I take your order?”

“Yes, I’d like one Colonel’s Bowl and a 3-piece grilled, all-white.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.  We’re out of grilled chicken.  Would you like some extra crispy instead?”

Extra Crispy?!?  No, I would not like some extra-frickin’ crispy chicken!  I just want some bloody grilled chicken!  Is that to much to ask?!?  Is it?

Apparently, yes… yes it is.

So… no chicken… let’s run the stupid numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Lunch – Beefsteak and mashed potatoes – 700 calories
  • Other Meal – McDouble – 390 calories
  • Dinner – grilled trout and vegetable salad – 850 calories

1940 calories total.  No stupid KFC though…

When I got home from the KFC fiasco, I rooted around the freezer and found what purported to be a ribeye, but looked more like a round.  It’s not that I doubt it’s veracity, it’s just that I’ve never seen a 100% lean ribeye before.  Of course being a small cut, it could have just been very well trimmed.  In any case, I through it in a pan with some onion, grilled it and ate it.

We were stuck on the road for most of the afternoon and early evening, so we were both getting a bit peckish.  As such we opted to pull in to the Mac Shack and grab a snack.  I went for the McDouble, no pickles, no fries, no pop, no extras and was quite pleased with it.  It hit the spot.  Laurie kept offering me a piece of her chicken.  I don’t know why she does that as it’s quite annoying.  Then again, previously, I would have probably been annoyed if she didn’t offer me a piece, so you can hardly blame her.

Dinner was wonderful.  I’ve developed a real love for orange-flesh trout varieties.  I just do them simply.  I coat with blackening seasoning and grill in a pan with a bit of onion and garlic.  They key is to not overcook it, and it is superb.  Laurie prefers salmon, so I made that for her and cooked it to the point that it may as well have been canned… but she likes it that way.

So… not a bad day eating-wise… busy, but no emergencies.

But KFC… you’re on my list!