So, I’ve discussed before my tendency to dehydrate during the day as I will have a glass of water (or smoothie) when I wake up but will drink almost nothing during the day whilst at work.  The result is dehydration and spending the evening downing 32 oz glasses of water.  Well, this week I’ve been consciously trying to alter that behavior by drinking throughout the day with some success.  However, Hotchy Motchy, I pee a lot.  I suppose if the 32 oz glass wasn’t my chosen vessel this would not be quite as big an issue, but if you hydrate… well, just don’t wander too far from the bathroom.

I’ve also started adding a spoonful of chia seeds to my lunches for the omega-3s and the extra fiber.  Costs me about 50 calories, but the benefits seem well worth it.  They’re pretty flavor neutral (unless you roast them… which I don’t in my office), so they can be added to most anything.  Be warned, however, if you are in a dry climate, the static electricity will make those things FLY around the office.  Maybe I should install a humidifier so that I can eat my lunch… who knows…

I’m thinking it’s time to reincorporate my Garmin into my workouts.  As you may recall from last year’s Ann Arbor (Half) Marathon, I learned that heart rate monitor straps CHAFF after about ten miles or so, and haven’t really touched it since.  However, I do find that I put more effort and (post-workout) reflection into my workouts when I can see some results on the screen.  Who knows.  I’ve charged it up though, and will likely bring it to the gym tomorrow.

After that very warm weekend for the 5k, we’re back in the 20’s and 30’s, so no running to work.  However, if I get to campus by 6am, I can park at the Cancer Center, change into workout duds, walk across campus to the gym, workout, walk to the BSRB, shower, walk back to the Cancer Center and change into my workin’ duds… which works in a campus-crossing sort of way.