So, yeah… no movement on the bloody scale.  Fair enough.  I scaled back the calories, so now I need to return the actual calories eaten to whole foods and Gru-ub – Mediterranean Sty-y-yle!  And exercise… more exercise.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Oatmeal – 160 calories
  • Lunch – Lean Pastrami sammich – mustard, no mayo, no cheese, no grilled onions – and a side salad – 500 calories
  • Afternoon snack – Whole wheat crackers and hummus – 140 calories
  • Dinner – sauteed gizzards and salad (lettuce, feta, tomato and artichokes with balsamic) – 800 calories
  • Evening snack – Banana cream pudding cup – 110 calories

1710 calories total.

Okay… so I wanted to have a yogurt for breakfast.  Specifically, I wanted my last Brown Cow Blueberry cream top yogurt, but here’s the thing.  These things are delicious… really good, but they don’t hold a candle to the Brown Cow Blueberry cream top GREEK yogurt.  They are rapturous… but the stores around here rarely have them in stock.  Which makes me sad.  But, if you by the regular cream top, and store it on its side, the cream top seal slides and all kinds of whey and other moisture pool out from the yogurt, so when you open it, you can just pour out the fluid and have a not-quite-as-good-but-more-greek-like product.   Don’t get greedy, though… don’t try and get every last drop of fluid out, or you’ll end up pouring your yogurt down the drain in one very sad glop.


30 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes calisthenics, 10 minutes gracillus stretches.