Good news in the Saggyverse on Monday.  I finally got my hands on a scale that works!  I purchased a few other “plus size” scales before, but they all routinely behaved as crap.  The last one I bought had a +/- 5% error each time you stepped on the bleeding thing.  As you can imagine, it was not terribly useful for tracking weight.  Also in the good news column, I had not, in fact, regained all the weight I had lost this fall.  In fact, if you look at the ticker, I did gain a few, but am currently sitting at 32 pounds off of my high point which I am going to mark down in the win column!  I was so surprised when I saw the weight this morning, that I went in to the doctor’s office to check my weight there to verify that the scale was reading properly.  It was.  I am full of win… chunky, fat-filled win, of course, but win none-the-less.  I will check the scale and update my progress with every Monday report.

God I want a Coke.

But no…

The Beck diet plan (well, most diet plans actually, I just read it there last) tells us that planning is a key part of the process.  Know what you are going to do for meals the next day before laying down for sleep.  When you don’t do that you end up running out the door with no breakfast which is not really a good thing.  Trust me, I know.  We also had a lunch meeting in the lab to celebrate one of the staff’s birthdays, and he had chosen to go to the Heidleberg, a german bistro here in A2.

The germans don’t appear to be a people overly concerned with calories….

The menu looked delicious, but everything was either breaded or full of cheese or some other caloric land mine.  Eventually, I settled on the German smoked porkchop and water.

Hey did you know that “German Smoked Pork Chop” means teeny, tiny piece of ham?!?  Neither did I, but I do now…  It came with mashed potatoes and gravy.  I dutifully scooped off the gravy (such a painful waste), and declined to order dessert when everyone else did… and the desserts looked good!  So… speaking of food, let’s run the numbers!

Food Intake;

  • Breakfast – Baby carrots (they were what I had at work) – 35 calories
  • Lunch – “Pork Chop”, mashed potatoes and water – 440 calories
  • Dinner – 8 oz chopped steak with portabello sauce, 14 tater tots, and a vegatable salad, and water – 950 calories (!!!)
  • Evening snack – Almond “wind mill” cookies – 210 calories

1635 calories total.  Where I couldn’t weigh the items, I overestimated the calories as per usual.  That’s a significant undershoot from my intended calories which explains why am so friggin’ ravenous today.  No worries though… I am a rock…


The 11 flights of stairs from the lobby to my lab twice (up and down).  I have no idea how many calories that is, but it’s what I could squeeze in.