Whew!  Back from the road!  Now I knew with all the traveling I was doing that I was going to be eating almost exclusively out, and that at at least one time it would be problematic.  As such, I figured I would allow myself one free meal (with dessert) over the weekend.  The Body for Life program suggests one full day of eating whatever it is you want to deal with cravings and what not.  I’m not following that program at the moment, but it’s not a bad idea.  Cravings happen.  However, I didn’t really want to let go for a full day, so I just figured at some point, when I needed to, I would have that meal.  I actually expected it to happen on Saturday whilst at Purdue.  We’ve never gone there without Laurie insisting on a meal at Arni’s, and I was ready for it!

But then, she suggested we go somewhere else instead.  Their menu was not diet friendly, but also not such that it had anything that made me want to waste a free meal, so I just ordered two eggs and a slice of ham off the a la carte… and that worked.

Sunday, however, we took her parents out for lunch at the Quaker Steak and Lube (wing place), and it seemed time to indulge… sort of.  We ended up splitting an appetizer amongst the four of us (pretzels, onion rings, fried pickles and cheese sticks), and I had the wings (atomic sauce) and cheese fries.  I skipped the dessert there and had a frosty later.  I stuck with water to drink throughout.  I’m officially done with Coke Zero.  It’s weird… a few glasses of that stuff (over a few weeks, mind you), and that stuff stops tasting like coke and starts tasting like diet coke which is to say bad.

So, while no calorie count for the day, the food intake was:

  • Breakfast – leftover chicked ~300 calories
  • Lunch – As above
  • Dinner – 2-piece chicken and potatoes – 620 calories

So… not too bad.