So, the day dawned dull and dreary on the second day of Penguicon… Laurie called at 6:30 am as she was bringing me an envelope of Slightly Off-Topic ribbons, and wanted me to meet her downstairs…

This was her second trip in to Dearborn as she met me for dinner last night on her way back from Lansing.  Dinner, was at Fuddruckers, and Fuddruckers understands the beauty of a medium rare burger…

…and it was good.

So, Laurie wakes me up, I snag my ribbons, and well… it’s early, so I switch into my workout duds and head down to the fitness center.  I started on the treadmill, and noticed right away that something didn’t seem right.  I dialed in my usual speeds, but they all seemed much faster than they should be.  Now, this could be for a number of reasons:

  1. The treadmill could have actually been calibrated incorrectly and was, therefore, moving faster than expected. Had it not been so early, I’m sure I would have thought to step on one of the other treadmills to compare, but it was, in fact, very early, and my brain was running on auto pilot.
  2. The treadmills back home are incorrectly calibrated and are actually moving more slowly than reported.  This is certainly possible, but they’d have to have all the treadmills miscalibrated the same as I move about them freely.
  3. My body was responding poorly to the exercise as I hadn’t had anything even remotely nutritious for the entirety of Friday!  In addition, I hadn’t had the forethought to even drink anything since waking… which is bad.

I will let the reader come to their own conclusions as to which was more likely, but I will add  that after the very painful running, I got on a upright bike for 30, and the resistance unit only worked sporadically at best.

In any case, I came back with a righteous, man-sized sweat and hit the showers before resuming con activities.  Food was better today…  lovely salad for lunch…  need to find dinner now, though…