It is, perhaps, somewhat worrisome how many of my personal mantras can trace their origins back to science fiction… but even though he was a Harkonnen, I think Piter was under-rated.  The man had style!

In any case, I forgot to bring my heart rate monitor to the gym on Tuesday which is a shame because I would really like to have seen the results.  I did full cardio before class (Bike sprints and elliptical), and then after the lecture, they had us do another 30 minutes of cardio (I did three miles of arms-only on the airdyne and the stair climber) before doing the group “Dear God they’re trying to kill us” circuit.

It was brutal!

How brutal?  I did not go to the gym on Wednesday.  I was tooooooo tuckered.  I did go Thursday, of course.

heart smart chart

As you can see, I was able to keep up with the running.  Because I missed wednesday, I shall run again on Saturday whilst at Penguicon (amongst my peers!).  Today will be cardio and strength training.  For now, I have to pack!