So, I skipped the gym on Friday (the afore-mentioned sore muscles) in order to go running in the big blue room on Saturday.

Saturday morning came much too cold and early, and I spent a good 15 minutes lying in bed thinking of good reasons not to go running.  However, I ended up doing this:

Heart Rate Chart showing speed and HR

It went better than expected.  As can be seen above, my self-directed pace fell right around 5mph which is what I’ve been going at on the treadmill (5.2, actually).  It went well until the last (9th) running segment where my pace kicked up a bit higher and I had to stop running about 10 seconds early.  As such I assigned myself a 30 second punishment run as soon as I caught my breath.

The knee still continues to complain post-squat sessions, but the toes remain blissfully unblue!