Losing weight is sweaty work, but I’m really beginning to think that I sweat a LOT more than your average human being.  I sweat so much that I’ve started watching the other folk in the gym (and remember, I’m not the fattest guy in there!!!), and no one comes close to producing the amount of sweat that I do.  So I sweat a lot more than normal, or their doing it wrong.  I suspect the former.

How can I give you some idea of the amount of fluid I produce?  20 minutes in, if you were to pat me on the chest of the back, the shirt would splash… quite literally… I’ve tried it…

…and I’m not sure where all this water is coming from because I’m fairly sure I’m dehydrated during the day and don’t start hitting the 32 oz glasses of water until I get home at night, and that fluid comes out… other ways.

…but enough about that… I sweat a lot, though…

Also, I believe I am beating the living crapdingles out of the tips of my toes on the treadmill…

Food Intake:

  • Tuesday
    • Breakfest – 1/2 slice of whole wheat naan with feta and olive bruschetta
    • Lunch – Whole wheat tortilla with parmesan and lettuce, hummus and cucumber
    • Dinner – Smoked salmon (traditional, not that thin sliced crap) with peppers, onions, tomatoes and spinach
    • Evening snack – 1 oz dark chocolate
  • Wednesday
    • Lunch – Greek sampler (Cucumber, hummus, couscous, pita, and kidney beans)
    • Dinner – sausage frittata (Laurie cooked)
    • Evening snack – 2″x1/4″ brownie slice

So, I didn’t skip breakfast this morning.  The doc wanted a 4-week in fasting glucose reading, so no morning chow for me.


I completely forgot my heart rate monitor for Tuesday night, but here’s tonights:

Heart Chart

Nothing much to see there.  I couldn’t really get my heart rate up.  I suspect because I was still thoroughly tuckered out from Tuesday night.  Tuesday night was a serious pain… I so wish I had my monitor to capture that.

A few things of interest.  I threw the bike into random, and a few minutes in, I was probably in the mid 130’s when the bike decided it hated me and maxed the resistance.  What was interesting is (and this is about sweat again) that in 2 pedal revolutions I went from mildly damp to pouring sweat… it looked like it was raining, and I made puddles!  I would have LOVED to see what my heart rate was during that.

When I got over to the treadmill, they had me do my first Michigan Challenge.  Basically, the gig is that I had to pick a level and elevation that I could do for ten minutes but would come within a gnat’s hair of killing me.  During which, they would measure my BP and such.  It did not kill me… but it came close.  I get to repeat the same exercise every 4 weeks.  After that I got to finish out the rest (20 minutes) of my cardio, and then it was time for class.

They really are trying to kill me!

This week’s group circuit was all about abdominals and legs.  The wall sit was tough.  The squats were painful… but the planks?!?  Holy Jesus Christ, the planks HURT.

Now, I’ve never done a plank in my life, and we were expected to hold it for 60 seconds.  I did not.  But you better believe by next week I will.  Challenge accepted!

Other than that, I took some ribbing for throwing on a Purdue sweatshirt for the lecture portion (I couldn’t wear the t-shirt anymore… it’s been designated a protected wetland), but as I explained, you never forget your first love!