I am generally very good about reading labels.  How many calories are their?  Fat grams?  Whatever… As I am starting this diet by restricting calories (to the quite generous 2000 as recommended by my nutritionist Glenda the Stinky Witch of the East Wind), it’s important to know what is in each food item I consume.  I pay careful attention to portion size because they don’t always sync up quite right with expectations.  Heck, I have a jar of pickles in the fridge that lists the serving size as 1/2 pickle!

But a pot pie?!?  Really, a pot pie?!?  That one I did not catch until I was just about to dive in to the chicken- and broccoli-filled deliciousness.  Check out the label:

Marie Callendar's Nutrition Label

Wait... so 1 and 1 don't make 2?!?






















I was shocked!  I shouldn’t be, but I was.  What is really interesting though, is the line above the nutrition label.  Serving size may be 540 calories for half of a pie, but if you eat the entire thing then that is 1,120 calories.  I’m actually quite good at math, and I’m pretty sure that 540 + 540 does not equal 1,120.  I’m calling ‘Shennanigans’ here, folks!

As it was, eating the entire thing was too many calories, so I dutifully sliced the thing in half and through the other half out.  I now have some tupperware at work so that when I am hit with such surprises in the future, I can at least keep from throwing good food in the trash.

So… meals… let’s run the numbers:

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Egg McMuffin, Hash Brown and water – 450 calories
  • Lunch – Canned Tuna on a Bagel with Stone Ground mustard, carrots and water- 395 calories
  • Mid-Afternoon snack – Two Cutie Clementines and 1 oz Fit & Active Natural Trail Mix – 230 calories
  • Dinner – Two Hot Dogs with Brown Mustard and Hot Giardiniera, 12 tator tots and water – 770 calories
  • Evening Snack – Almond Windmill cookie – 70 calories

1915 Calories total.

So… Still not quite at 2000… I guess I could have had that banana I wanted with the cookie, after all.  Go figure.  Interestingly, the tinned chicken also said it was two servings, but it was exactly enough to cover one (smallish) bagel, so… there’s that.  140 calories is perfectly reasonable for the protein portion, so no worries there.  I do need to stock up my office with a week’s worth of veggies and a small cutting board, so that I can put more on the sandwich.  A bit of tomato, lettuce and onion is a small caloric hit, but can really dress things up.

The leftover hotdogs will probably be carried in to work as well, as a single dog with bun, mustard and Giadiniera is only 300 cals, and I hate to see leftovers go to waste.  Tonight will be interesting as Laurie wants to go to the Flat Top grill which is a make your own stir fry sort of place, and I will have to estimate my portions.  Figure if I go heavy veg, and light meat/sauce it should be fine.


Sloth day two.  Actually, I had planned to do some yoga, but the dreaded ‘restricted calorie headache’ had set in, and I opted skip the yoga rather than feed the headache.  I’m actually not pushing to instigate the formal exercise until Monday when I’ll (hopefully) be adjusted to counting calories again.