That’ll be just about enough of shirtless Saggy on the front page, don’t you think?

I see someone finally flipped the “it’s wintertime” switch… Great googely moogely it’s cold!… and I’m used to being the warm one.  I shouldn’t complain though… as I write this, it’s -7°F in Marquette with a -22°F windchill, so as much as it sucks here, my poor skinny-arse daughter has got to be FREEZING!

Weird thing about the cold weather, though… I really start to resent the ice water I’m drinking.  It’s not the temp because I drink everything else iced as well, but when the weather gets this cold, it’s like I have to choke the water down.  I wonder if the overall cooler water supply is resulting in fewer dissolved solids (or more dissolved gases) which changes the taste enough for me to become a pouty, petulant child?  Hard to say… just pass me the Nestea mix, will ya?

Dieting continues apace… Vaguely annoyed at the meat once per day, but adjusting… Let’s run the numbers:

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – banana and granola bar – 260 calories
  • Lunch – cheese cubes, grapes, carrots and pretzels – 150 calories
  • Afternoon snack – clementine – 50 calories
  • Afternoon snack mark II the cheesey boogaloo – Whole wheat cheese crackers – 180 calories
  • Afternoon snack III look at munch me – Fiber One Oatmeal and Chocolate bar – 140 calories
  • Dinner – French Bread pizzas (it was cold, I indulged, deal) – 840 calories
  • Evening snack – Special K crackers with guacamole – 310 calories

1930 calories total… My that was a lot of grains and grain-like products for a single day, wasn’t it?  The SK crackers were actually quite good… kind of puffed like those popper potato chip things.  Only 110 calories were from the crackers… the rest was from the guac.

Did 25 minutes on the bike to get my heart rate up… thinking I’ll do the kinect tonight.