…and we’re back from the holidays, and I must say that I’m glad to see them over.  I actually enjoyed the holiday, but my diet… not so much…

Oddly, though, now that everything is settled down, and we’re back to normal, I’m down-right pleased to be dieting.  It’s just a mental game, I guess… or maybe I’m just mental… whatever…

So, resolution 1 – Eat meat once per day (notice verbiage cleverly stated as a goal rather than a restriction… mental game, am I right?!?).  This is actually a bit of a challenge for me when it comes to lunches.  I just really like meat mid-day.  However, the doctor wants me to lower my cholesterol, I want to avoid being on medication, I want to lose weight faster, and less meat is certainly more sustainable from an environmental point of view, so it seems like a good goal.

[Editor’s Note: – For the armchair lawyers out there, the meat resolution is not intended to prevent the consumption of eggs at breakfast time.  While the plan participant warrants and acknowledges the status of eggs as “pre-meat” and is aware of their cholesterol content, eggs are yummy, so lighten the heck up.]

Let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – granola bar (out of bananas) – 160 calories
  • Lunch – Salad with tomato and bulgur wheat – 215 calories
  • Afternoon Snack – clementine – 50 calories
  • Dinner – Leftover KFC and clementines (can you tell Laurie wasn’t home?!?) – 850 calories
  • Evening snack – 5 slices of chocolate orange – 254 empty calories

1529 calories total.

So, a little low, but it was a busy day.  The bulgur wheat is pretty good… well it is once you realize that you’re supposed to be soaking it *hot* water… otherwise it ends up a bit crunchy!

I also did 20 minutes of aerobic effort but more on that next time…