So yeah… that happened.  I was walking to the garage with one of my coworkers when we were stopped and the above questions were put to me.  I was shocked and surprised.  Seriously made my day though.  I have to wonder about the “More people watching you” comment, though… makes me feel like I’m not working hard enough.

I shall endeavor to do better.

Those of you with eagle eyes will note that the ticker has changed even though I said that I wouldn’t be getting back on the scale.  There was a wee barrage of disapproval via email from more folks than I thought were reading this, so I stepped back on the scale with some minor result.  I’m actually surprised because I am pretty puffed up at the moment (haven’t been exercising), and I thought I’d be registering some water weight…  so close to 1oo pounds…

…just as well though, if I squeaked past 100 pounds, I’d be all uptight about things over Christmas and New Years for fear of sliding back, and I will have none of that.

100 strips!  Woo!

1970 calories for the day.  Also Woo!